here's a wardrobe for happy sunday and saturday nite from darn modelina by polyvore. do you like it? hoho. xoxo
saturday vs sunday

sunday vs saturday by darnmodelina for polyvore
check this ! darnmodelina style by polyvore

l a c e s a r o u n d y o u
l a c e s a r o u n d y o u by superSHRN featuring Luella sunglasses

Let me introduce POCAHONTAS
  • name : pocahontas
  • age : almost 30
  • job : loving me, take care of me, missing me
  • bands : ZU
  • style of shoes : black converse
  • style of bag : guitar gigs bag
  • brand of jeans : rusty & levis
  • snack : DDN
  • saving for : EAT, AET, TAE


Sundaze park at waterboom pantai indah kapuk jakarta. gila gw ga dateng lagi ke another sundaze party.sedihh.kalo itha si penghianat. diem-diem dateng ke SUNDAZE ARTLAND.huuu itonng. Akhir bulan kemaren SUNDAZE ada lagi di waterboom PIK. sialnya lagi kenapa harus akhir bulan.dimana semua orang ga mau diajak gara2 bokek.sedih ya.yahh we'll see deh apa gw akan dateng ke SUNDAZE event berikutnya.mari kita lihat.hahhaha.PS. buat itong : gila nyet tiketnya cuma 70.000 aja gt .WTF!!

album : Otherness by cocteau twins

Bands : yeah yeah yeah

Books : i don't read one

Magazine : NYLON,nonno, r.i.p FABRIC

Designer : Sonia Rykiel, Abigail Lorick

Fashion label : gedebage by gedebage :D

Style icon : Irina lazareanu, Kirsten Dunst, Karen O

Style of shoes : Sanfransisco, light sneaker

Style of bag : Oversized bag

Sunnies : Vintage, mini wayfares

Brand of jeans : many, i wish it would be cheap monday

Scents : Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

Beauty must have : Lipstick and blush on

Snack : Cakes and chips

Holiday destination : Brazil

Biggest splurge : Shoes, food, beer, and for BEAUTY

Current Obsession : more whiter and RICH.yay!

Saving for : SHOES, SHOES, and SHOES


this is my big sister sara. yesterday i had a suprising news from her.
she made it.finally she got a job.haha.after a long long time she employee her self at home. and now she got a job, a cool one at INSIGHT indonesia.wew.that's big!congratulation sister. you owe me
a lot.haha.cause i am doing your models thing for portfolio.yay!
i am waiting for a SUSHI sis!xoxo


fish eye alert

We Love Fish eye !

in this photo : me, tiffany, ariko, and ikhsan location : Roger lounge event : reunion

it's a suprise birthday dinner

a suprise birthday dinner for me.yay!
walaupun gw berubah menjadi monster (dikutip dari blog itha) hahahha.sorry guys.gw lg pms
hahahahaha. tapi senang sekali karena dirayakan di the valley. horee

ayu, karina, and me

ayu and me

thanks bitches

my girlfriends

the birthday girl

boredom killer

hey this my photo with my besties we're doing a photo shot for sara's portfolio, sara is my big sister. me and my sister we're doing a big hunt at gedebage and guess what? we've founded a lot of big things.cool !but the sad part is the price is so unbeliveable.WTF!


Hey its march . march is poppin . come on and join my paradise